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12 x 18 Trim Tab Kit Without Switch

12 x 18 Trim Tab Kit Without Switch

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Lenco trim tabs makes your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety. Lenco's ballscrew design is reliable, powerful, and features an instant response which makes it very user friendly. Fast response electric actuators for precise control. Fully submersible. All Plug & Play Deutsch connections. Blades are constructed of 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel with a 5/8 flared trailing edge. Minimum transom height: 14. Kit Includes: Waterproof plug and play Deutsch connectors 12 -volt actuators (2) with 6 foot leads 2 stainless steel trim tab planes-12 gauge20 ft. actuator extension harnesses (2) with Deutsch connectors. All stainless steel mounting hardware. Proud to deliver exciting, dependable, environmentally friendly products. Lenco will make your time on the water as enjoyable as it should be.

Terminal Screw: #8-32
Boat Size: 26 ft. - 36 ft.
Switch kits sold separately
Shank: 1 x 2-1/8
Finish: Standard
Lenco is the true industry leader in the marine and boating world
Size: 12L x 18W
Lenco products are manufactured to make your boating fun, safe and trouble-free since 1986
Customer Care: 772-288-2662
Lenco makes the best boats better!

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