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Wiremold InteGreat Vertical Table Cord Management Transition Channel Kit

Wiremold InteGreat Vertical Table Cord Management Transition Channel Kit

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Wiremold Meeting Room Solutions provide an integrated last meter solution for bringing power and technology closer to the user's work area. Current trends in workplace design are allocating more open space for meetings. Those trends present a challenge for routing and managing cables from the infrastructure to the point-of-use, as well as providing ready accessibility for future technology upgrades. This Integreat Transition Channel is designed as part of a flexible, integrated solution set that manages cabling and connections for power, communications and A/V from the building infrastructure to the work surface.

Seamless synergy as InteGreat Transition Channel easily mates with other Integreat products, Poke-Thru Devices and OFR Series Overfloor Raceway
Kit comes with an adjustable boot, channel, mounting spine and transition covers for smooth cable egress
Adjusts to a variety of table heights making installation quick and easy
Designed to allow for convenient clean up of existing tables with little or no disruption to the connected cords and cables
Future technology upgrades or room reconfigurations are completed with the least disruptions with an easy opening boot and channel
Attractive, durable construction features aluminum and black nonmetallic

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