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70 lbs. Freestanding Ice Maker in Stainless Steel with 33 lbs. Storage Bin Capacity

70 lbs. Freestanding Ice Maker in Stainless Steel with 33 lbs. Storage Bin Capacity

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We focusing on advanced ice making technologies, producing the efficient and durable quality ice maker machines for our customers. After a lot of testing and improvement, now it's here. You won't be bothered by the lack of ice any more. This ice maker machine is designed for home and commercial use. Based on its compact size and efficient ice making ability, it can meet most needs of your life.

Commercial grade ice making refrigeration compressor produces thick and hard ice cubes fast
Using the UP button to adjust the desired ice cube thickness by-minutes, ice maker cranks out sheets of crystal clear, cloudless ice cube, chew-able and delicious
Equipped with thick heat insulation foam layer, the whole ice-house will keep a consistent low temperature inside while ice making, which will save your electric bill during hot summer
Setting mode simply on LED display panel, the rest work will be auto controlled by built-in microcomputer, auto water inflow, ice full alarm, water short alarm, ice making time control, 1 key auto clean, free your mind from ice making process and water supply
Whole body of ice maker machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with protective film, easily setup water supply both by drinking water or bucket water, as well as gravity water drainage
Ice machine needs time to pre-cooling, it's slightly less effective in initial 3 times, ice machine will be more effective after several uses
Auto-clean function cleans all pipes and trays, blue UV light creates hygienic ice house
Model: DBJ-45

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