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8 in. Stroke Electric Hatch Lift

8 in. Stroke Electric Hatch Lift

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Comes with 2 ft. leads and Deutsch plugs Since the hatch lift is based around a ball-screw it is able to push or pull a heavy load and remain at a constant position. Easy to install because they install with a single power cable and draw an average of five amps of power and deliver over 500 lbs. of push for heavy engine covers, decks, large hatches and electric consoles. In case of power failure they are supplied with two clevis pins at the mounting brackets. Switch sold separately. Clear anodized aluminum tubing. LOA is measured from top bracket to bottom bracket in the mounted position. Proud to deliver exciting, dependable, environmentally friendly products. Lenco will make your time on the water as enjoyable as it should be.

Terminal Screw: #8-32
Retracted: 20
Stoke: 8
Shank: 1 x 2-1/8
Extended: 28
Lenco is the true industry leader in the marine and boating world
Lenco products are manufactured to make your boating fun, safe and trouble-free since 1986
Customer Care: 772-288-2662
Lenco makes the best boats better!

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