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Grinder Head Attachment 2-Stage

Grinder Head Attachment 2-Stage

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Save time with two grinds in one pass! Our NEW Dual Grind attachment can cycle through two grinds in a single pass. No more reloading for a second grind.

Includes: 2 stage grinder head, BB3 auger, auger bushing, 2 stage auger stud, 2 stage cutting plate, 2 sided grinder knife, 4.5 mm plate, retaining ring
Grinds 10-11 lbs. per minute
Get the consistency of 2 grinds in one grinding session
Since you are only grinding once you also save on the grinding and cooling time that is suggested between grinds
Item is an attachment for LEM big bite grinders
#22 is for use on the #22 and #32 LEM grinder motor

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