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155 Amp Invertec V155-S Stick Welder, Single Phase, 120V/230V

155 Amp Invertec V155-S Stick Welder, Single Phase, 120V/230V

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The Invertec V155-S offers much more than you would expect from a welder this size. Weighing in at just under 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) the Invertec V155-S is no lightweight contender. It packs the full punch of a heavyweight professional that you can take to the most demanding job sites. It features 120/230V auto reconnect operation and can operate from a portable generator. It can also plug into a 200 ft. (61 m) 230V extension cord so you can weld just about anywhere.

Compact and highly portable welder for stick-welding applications
Offers a range of 5 - 155 Amps
Ideal for stick welding with Lincoln electrodes, including Fleetweld 35, Fleetweld 37, Fleetweld 180 and Excalibur 7018 MR
Automatic hot-start boosts the current during starting to make striking an arc easier
Fan-as-needed (F.A.N.) reduces noise and dust inside the machine
120/230-volt auto-reconnect design allows operation from a portable generator
Touch Start TIG DC operation allows you to strike the arc without high frequency or tungsten contamination
Auto Adaptive Arc Force reduces electrode sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or increasing spatter
Includes a stick electrode holder with cable, a work clamp with cable, an adjustable shoulder strap, a 120/230V input cord with a 15 Amp plug and a 120V/20 Amp plug

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