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All-in-One Triple 1022 GPH Pond Filter with UV

All-in-One Triple 1022 GPH Pond Filter with UV

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Newly designed, this completely submersible unit cleans and maintains a healthy Pond, Fountain or Water Garden. Available in 3 complete packaged sizes to care for small, medium or large bodies of water...with unique feature of adding additional filtration capacity if required. Maintenance Handle provides easy access to remove from water.

2-stage high capacity mechanical filtration (2 types of sponges) to remove solids
Quiet efficient Quiet One pump with 20 ft. power cord
13 Watt ultraviolet sterilizer with separate 20 ft. cord to be used only as needed
UV light indicator to notice if bulb is operating
Biological filter for bacteria growth
Submersible Pond / Fountain filter with built-in Pump, UV Sterilizer, Filters and Fountain Heads

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